MDM Studios
MDM STUDIOS is the biggest studio in Turkey with logistics and technological background of 200 vocal and 80 instruments can record at the same time.

You can record both digitally or analog in MDM. The devices are the best choices for both recording options.

Protools is being used as software. As you can see in the Rack panels there are 3 protools converter hardware.

MDM have 56 channels Amek Rembrand analog table. Although there are Amek devices in studios, there are only 2 of this model in Turkey.

Listening speakers had been specialy produced for this studio in England. The listening capacity of this special sized main speakers which produced by Dynaudio Acoustics are realy very high. The other little reference monitors are also in Dynaudio Acoustics brand.

We established an engine room to collect all the power amplifiers and cooled this room with the air condition to preserve the devices.

If we say something about the rack panels, we can mention about a very special device Sony Sampling Reveb Dre-S777. This device can record the reverb sound of any ambiance in the world and can produce a sample. The device is working with the sampling method and producing reverbs by using the voices recorded on cd's. It is possible with this device to record any voice of the ambiance by a microphone and use it where needed.

There is a preamp of Avalon brand being used in singing records. There are 2 Klark Technik DN 780 revebs which is too much preferred in Turkey.

And more there are dbx compressors, SUMMIT limiters and SUMMIT preamplifiers. For analog record, OTARİ MTR 90 2inch 24 channels recorder. We prefer to keep this device in the engine room instead of the control room.

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